A letter To Nana, The Younger Me – EF Challenge#8

Dear Nana, the younger me,
Soon, i’m officially leave my ‘twenty-something’ period.
Time flies, huh ? 🙂
Come here,please have a seat. Take a deep breath. Enjoy your coffee and these crunchy cookies.

Now, let’s have a chit-chat about our togetherness ten years ago.

You were a girl. Not yet a woman. *oh, please don’t do that britney spears’ dance*
At that time, you were on your 2nd years at university. Am I rite?

I still remember – me as you – at twenty yo was a mess girl, clueless, clumsy.
I hate make up. I have many pimples and freckles at my face, and an oily long hair.
*okay, I have to say this: iyuuhh…disguisting :p *
Oh, dont forget about my lazy habit too.

To be honest, i’m so sorry. A really big sorry.
Why I didn’t push you to study harder?
Why I didn’t stay away from bad people ? I means, now I realize, a good people makes a good influence to your life. And it works the same for it’s opposite.

A billion ‘why’, can’t change your future, dear Nana.

If only I studied hard, perhaps at this time we can live abroad. I wish I had a chance to get a scholarship or something. Oh yess, of course dont forget to ask Mr. Muhandoko to accompany our journey 😉

Oh…did I hurt your heart?
Once again, I’m sorry.
Psst.. I’m gonna tell you the truth.
The future you, ten years later, live happily.
The future you is married a gorgeous man, Mr. Muhandoko.
Hahaha I know, if you want to ask about your first love – Prince William – he does the same thing.
Married an awesome lady, Kate Middleton. As awesome as you, of course. Trust me 😀
*finger cross*

The future you, live in sub-urban. In a small but comfy house. Full of love and laugh.

The future you, is a writer in the making 🙂

So, is it a pretty good news for you? 🙂

I’m gonna keep our stories ten years ago, as our secret. A very very very top secret 😉

I wish you read this letter, and then tell it to the little Muhandokos, someday, maybe 😀

Love you to the moon and back,
The future you -Mrs. Muhandoko-


Pssstt…. This post is made for BEC challenge #7.
A big thanks to mas ryan, who made this challenge sooo touching :p