Disney Princess #EF14

What’s your favourite cartoon? I found this question for engslish friday’s challenge for this week.
I need to take a minutes to give the right answer. I was adore Sailormoon. Especially Mamoru Jiba. The Masked Tuxedo. Ouh, come on. Who doesn’t love the smart-handsome-awesome-man like him?
I can see most of you, girls, who nods silently :p

But, i realized then,  Disney Princess is my favourite one. I’ll pick up Cinderella for an example.

Who doesn’t know Cinderella?
The girl with her iconic glass shoes.
The girl with her blue dress? In most of her film, she’s wearing a cute and lovely blue dress. Which is remind me of tutu skirt in a long version.
The girl with her blonde hair.
The girl with her ‘before midnight’s rule. Well, i also have this rule. But it works ‘before 9pm’ to me :p
The girl with her unstoppable and cruellest step mother. Even most of people say : masih lebih kejam ibukota daripada ibu tiri cinderella :))))
She have a handsome prince who ride a white horse (?). Uhm… every princess in every tales have their own prince  with his white horse.
So do I. My prince charming ride a black-with blue stripes-motorcycle :)))

I dunno why i love Cinderella and all the Disney Princess. Maybe being a princess like them is most of lil girl’s dream? Thats’s why I also put Prince William as my first crush :p

Pretty – lovable – kindhearted – beautiful dress and palace – prince charming – happily ever after. Such a perfect life, isn’t?

Well, let them be a princess in their fairytale. And let us be a ‘princess’ in our own way 😉
*gak tau ah, filosofi apa pula ini* :)))

By the way, detective Conan is also my favourite one. I read the comic till now. Wait for every new chapter.
I’m on #TakagiTeam :)))

So, what’s yours?

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