EF#6 Weekly Challenge Alter Ego – Rooftop Prince

Wooww.. hola halo *waving my hand*

This is my first post for BEC. Well, yess… the most humble dentist ever, mbak Nita has been approving me to join this site *applause*
Challenge for this week is “alter ego“. What is alter ego means? You have my permission to click wikipedia. Hehehehehe :p
Once said, every people have their own alter ego.
If you’re the quiet one, then sometimes you act the rude one, perhaps you have an AE.

Do I have an AE ?
Uuhmm.. Wait a sec. Lemme think it first. Err…yess, I have it…. :-p

So, what’s mine?
In a serious way, im a humble person. But sometimes, when im not in a good mood, you better stay away from me. I can transform into Snow White’s step mother *grin* I can eat you till the last pieces 😛

now, let’s make it fun. I do loooveee K-drama so much. My best K-drama is Rooftop Prince.
In a ‘real life’, im just an ordinary girl, with an ordinary abilities,an ordinary life, and another ordinary things.
When im watching K-drama, i often imagine ‘me as the lead female.’
*oke, go on laughing on me* :p
When Park Ha met Tae Yong , … i also want to have that romance scene too :’)

sometimes, I asked Mr. Muhandoko do the same romance. wkwkwk 😀

image from Asian Wiki

When I have finished the movie, I feel like..hey i’m still hangover. I just can’t move on easily.
It works the same on books I’ve read or a story I write.
I feel the love,pain, and happiness from it. I act, I cry, I laugh as they did. Im burning into the character. *tssaahh*

uuppss… did I spout my secret to you ? wkwkw… sorry. actually, being Mrs Muhandoko on this blog is also my Alter Ego 🙂

credit picture from Asia Wiki

*siap siap dikomentarin soal grammar* 😀