Holaaa… i’m back. Dunno is it too late or not to post about #EF11?
Blame on me, i’m just ‘soksibuk’ :p
What’s on #EF11?
Let’s act like selebgram :)))
Actually, this is not my fresh-from-the-oven OoTD.
Someone took this pict when Mr. Muhandoko and I were on Jogja a month ago.


Borobudur soooo lovely, isn’t?
The young lady with the rainbow hat – grey shirt – pink scarf – yellow bag – blue batik skirt – red slipper – and a pink tongsis in her right hand – it’s me!
Oke… ignore the symphony of it’s colours.
As long as Mr. Muhandoko grab my hand, my world is sooo colourfull *dilepehin berjamaah*

Psssttt… I’m gonna give you a bonus :p
This is my another OOTD 😀
*eat meee… once for a lifetime, lemme act as a selebgram :)))


I wear a black scarf – black skirt – black and white stripped shirt – brown shoes – and a blue bag.
Does my OOTD looks like a ‘cemetary-style’ ?

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