EF#7 Snap and Tell a Story : ” Dear Komeng”

Snap and tell a story. Okay, today’s Monday. I’m gonna post EF#7.
Feel free to judge me for skip the English Friday for a while 😀
*devil’s laugh*

It’s been a hectic weekend. For an excuse, my sis in law held an engagement ceremony 🙂

Perhaps, if she give me a permission, i’ll post about her big day!

Back to EF#7, Lemme introduce: Komeng, the most awesome, sexiest, hottest, cutest cat ever 😀
Take a look take a look…. Peek a boo 😀


Err.. did I say ‘sexiest’?
To be honest, when you hold Komeng, it feels soooo heavy. Look at his b*tt.. Sooo cute isn’t.
I just want to bite him :p

He’s one of wild cats at Mr. Muhandoko’s office. Not really wild, actually.
Mr. Muhandoko’s officemate feeds him three times a day with a perfect meal for cat. He sleep on a thick rug like a spools of sewing string 😀
And open his eyes when it’s time for breakfast, lunch, coffe break, and of course dinner. Watta perfect life 😀

So, would you like to kiss kiss Komeng ? 😀

This post is made for BEC

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